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I've left and come back to Newgrounds multiple times, but I keep bumping into the same dissatisfying results. Will I come back again? I don't know. But all I can conclude right now is that people in the Audio Portal prefer cockslapping each other as opposed to sharing and producing high-quality music.

My YouTube and BandCamp pages should still be on my profile page. Otherwise, peace out.

I hate to downplay any listeners like this, but it seems to be the case. The producers that try to achieve a more professional sound do get a bit of attention, but then fall below the top listings considerably quickly. The more crude tracks then find their way into the top listings, where they're praised beyond belief.

I really don't understand why this is happening. Yes, there's a certain appeal or vibe to freelance producers, but not when they spend half an hour on FL Studio with the first instruments that they find and sneak their way onto the Top 5. What happened to the individual that slaved away for weeks, trying to bring something special to the Portal?

I'm not looking down upon musicians that are trying to become better, either. I understand that a lot of artists in the Portal are trying to better themselves. But the outpouring praise, in my opinion, does more harm than good. They need to be told how to do better alongside their strong points, not to rest on their laurels.

These thoughts are hammering at my mind, and they're making me wonder if I should continue uploading here or not. Because I'm not referring to myself. I've been chatting with and following fantastic producers that deserve better than what is occurring here.

It's been said before...

2011-01-01 15:26:08 by NikolaosTheDark

...but I might as well be a human echo.

How can anyone say, "I spent a full 8* hours on a song," and still be satisfied? I mean, the best music I've seen took weeks if not months to create. These one-day tracks aren't terrible by any stretch of the imagination (for the most part), but are still rather drab and unimaginative.

It's puzzling, man. @m@

*Or some other insignificant number.

...Okay. Really?

2010-11-03 13:00:05 by NikolaosTheDark

The minimum ranking in the Dubstep listing dropped from roughly 4.35 to 4.31 overnight, and I'm noticing similar drops in House, Classical, and Trance. Is someone REALLY systematically down-voting songs throughout all the genres?

Quick favor.

2010-11-01 21:00:00 by NikolaosTheDark

I understand that not every rating on one of my pieces is a zero-bomb, and that they're sometimes judged legitimately, even if they get heavily knocked on. I'm alright with that. However, it'd be nice to know -why- I didn't get a 5. So feel free to comment on my songs if you have any criticism. I won't bite...too hard. ; 3

Delay of new tracks.

2010-10-27 12:10:26 by NikolaosTheDark

The long story is on my newest release, but to make it short: I'm doing some critical school work, and my status quo releases won't be around for a while. I'll be posting filler releases until then.


Some of y'all may have been waiting for a high-quality version of Two-Face to be available to the masses....Yeah. Sorry that it took so long, but it's here now. two-face

Remove the space and enjoy the dubstep.


2010-10-06 13:30:15 by NikolaosTheDark

So, it seems that half of my time spent here is helping my audio recover from being zero-bombed.

Well, bring it on. I'm not backing down this time.

Jesus. I almost forgot.

2010-09-24 15:45:45 by NikolaosTheDark

Some users might have trouble streaming my files on Bandcamp. If you want to preview my work without downloading it, please visit

Okay. I'll try again.

2010-09-23 12:26:27 by NikolaosTheDark

I think I'm ready to get some more viewers going, so I'll go ahead and start uploading here again. I'll upload a mix of my music shortly.