It's been said before...

2011-01-01 15:26:08 by NikolaosTheDark

...but I might as well be a human echo.

How can anyone say, "I spent a full 8* hours on a song," and still be satisfied? I mean, the best music I've seen took weeks if not months to create. These one-day tracks aren't terrible by any stretch of the imagination (for the most part), but are still rather drab and unimaginative.

It's puzzling, man. @m@

*Or some other insignificant number.


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2011-01-14 13:01:57

Yeah, but if you work on a song for a period of weeks, you're not going to be working on it constantly ALL the time, so when you add up all the times you did it, and how long it took, then it would come to something like that, though probably longer actually, maybe more like 12 hours... But still...


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