Newgrounds users are satisfied with mediocrity.

2011-05-27 14:33:33 by NikolaosTheDark

I hate to downplay any listeners like this, but it seems to be the case. The producers that try to achieve a more professional sound do get a bit of attention, but then fall below the top listings considerably quickly. The more crude tracks then find their way into the top listings, where they're praised beyond belief.

I really don't understand why this is happening. Yes, there's a certain appeal or vibe to freelance producers, but not when they spend half an hour on FL Studio with the first instruments that they find and sneak their way onto the Top 5. What happened to the individual that slaved away for weeks, trying to bring something special to the Portal?

I'm not looking down upon musicians that are trying to become better, either. I understand that a lot of artists in the Portal are trying to better themselves. But the outpouring praise, in my opinion, does more harm than good. They need to be told how to do better alongside their strong points, not to rest on their laurels.

These thoughts are hammering at my mind, and they're making me wonder if I should continue uploading here or not. Because I'm not referring to myself. I've been chatting with and following fantastic producers that deserve better than what is occurring here.


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2011-05-27 15:42:02

It would be silly to stop submitting stuff here just because the people who you like aren't getting the attention you feel they deserve. Just remember that music is completely subjective and just because someone perhaps did spend 30 mins on FL studio doesn't mean that they've made a "bad" song. They've made a song perhaps you don't like, but you've got to face the fact other people do. It's not very sensible to make music that just tries to appeal to the masses, i assume that's why you've come to newgrounds in the first place :P


2011-05-27 19:26:34

Well, you have to take in consideration that most people search the audio portal for tracks that can be included in their projects. Not only for the listening pleasure. While a specific type of genre/songs fit an animation/movie/game better, some don't. Actually the audio portal was created for the sole purpose of making people get royalty-free music that can be used in their games/animations.

That aside, a problem of the audio portal is probably that people can vote daily on a song, including yourself. If you've got 5 friends who vote 5 daily, you'll see your song in the tops someday. Either that or the songs just fit in an animation/game of someone.

I don't intend to make you stop submitting to newgrounds. If your songs are good or fit in animations/games people will use and vote on them for sure. Everything else was said by the comment above me.

Good luck for future works.